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Aqua Bistro

Aqua Bistro

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If all that fun has made you hungry, you can rely on Aqua Bistro to fortify you.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a sit-down dinner with the family, our chefs are always there for you. From the terrace, you have a breath-taking view of the entire Aquapark and the sunbathing area.

From the Aqua Bistro you can also keep an extra eye on Bambino Beach. And even if you don't want to swim, there’s an array of delicious food for you to enjoy inside.

All you have to do is order.

You'll find the tastiest classics on the Aqua Bistro menu.

For example, you can choose from carpaccio or cheese croquettes as a starter, before enjoying on a good steak, meatballs in tomato sauce, vol-au-vent or would you prefer a delicious hamburger? Discover the new Vegan Burger!

Creamy desserts are also available.


In the afternoon, the Aqua Bistro is transformed into a tea room and serves pancakes, ice cream and a wide assortment of desserts.


Bitterballen (6 st.) 5€
Mini-loempia's (6 st.) 5.5€
Kip Aperitos (6 st.) 6€
Portie Mix Warm (12 st.) 10€
Nacho's met guacamole 8€
Nachos met salsa dip 8€


Kip salade 12.5€
Tomaat-mozzarella salade 12.5€


Balletjes in tomatensaus 8.5€
Kidsburger 7.5€
Kip saté 7.5€
Garnaalkroketten 8.5€
Kaaskroketten 7.5€
Kinderspaghetti 7€


Pannenkoek met suiker 4€
Pannenkoek met Nutella 4.5€
Pannenkoek met aardbei 6.5€
Pannenkoek Mikado 5.5€
Coupe Aardbei 8€
Coupe Bresilienne 6.5€
Dame Blanche 6.5€
Kinderijsje 4.5€
Tiramisu 3.95€
Cheesecake met rode vruchten 3.95€
Eclair 3.3€
Muffin met Nutella 3.95€
Muffin met Oreo 3.95€
Donut 2.3€


Charolais Burger 16.5€
Vegan Burger 16.5€
Fish Burger 14.5€
Steak met saus 16.5€
Kip saté (2 st.) 12.9€
Balletjes in tomatensaus 12.5€
Vol-au-vent 14.5€
Garnaalkroketten (3 st.) 18€
Kaaskroketten (3 st.) 12.5€
Spaghetti 11€